The delivery occurs in 6 to the maximum of 14 weeks after in-factory receipt of the deposit or after confirmation. For individual projects or handmade items, delivery can take up to 18 wee.. If the ordered goods are not accepted - for whatever reason - from the date of delivery, weekly storage fees of E 100 gross will apply! The customer will be informed of the date and expected delivery time three to four days before delivery. If the delivery date is canceled at short notice by the customer for whatever reason, the customer will be charged an expense of E 500 gross. The goods ordered without assembly are unloaded by the recipient with the support of the truck driver and brought to the property of the specified delivery address up to a maximum of 5 meters. The disposal of the packaging material is at the expense of the client. AluICun Ltd. accepts no liability for theft after unloading. If patio roofs are delivered without assembly, a crane, forklift truck, or similar auxiliary device must be provided. When offering patio roofs with installation, we provide a transport vehicle and our crane. The delivery date is not always the start of assembly. A possible assembly date will be agreed on separately with the customer. The merchandise must be checked immediately for completeness and apparent transport damage upon delivery. If the material is incomplete or damaged M transit, this must be noted M writing by the driver and recipient on the delivery note and sent within 24 hours.

Company holidays

The company AluKun Ltd. has company holidays. These holidays of the current year may affect the logistics (deliveries) of your order. During the company holidays, there may be delays in the delivery process. Like public holidays, these are not to be taken into account in calculating the delivery times listed and can be extended accordingly. Sales and advice, as well as service, are still available.