About us


Alukun is your go-to Window and Door Company for the best value Vs. Price. The company initially started in a small town in Gronau, Germany. After supplying hundreds of homes and businesses with windows and doors, Alukun is now taking the next step in the digital market and has branched out to Austria, Holland, and the Caribbean.

At Alukun, we understand that constructing a home or business can be very stressful and costly. For this reason, we believe that there is nothing better than supplying our clients with quality products and significant savings.

Shopping for your home should be an enjoyable process, thereby reflecting achievement in life. In helping you enjoy this process, Alukun promotes products for all budgets ranging from low, medium to high.

Clients are stimulated to take charge and not limit themselves to the in-house designs. Should a client have a window or door design that is not part of our catalog or website? He or she is then free to contact our sales representative to receive an individual quotation.